Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The comeback trail

Rehab is finally done and I am starting to get back in to things. It has been hard, and having a little bit of Itlay strapped to my belly is not helping. I am trying to think of it as weight training... Well, my knee still hurts and lateral movement is not great, at all which essentially eliminates me footlocking with the left leg. So straight "toe on" it is, which is good for training. Seems like a theme is developing.

My first outing to Classroom a month ago was a painful start, both physically and mentally. The walk-in itself was hell and then I wasn't even able to complete any of the problems from their true starts. And the ambasador didn't make it any better, chastising me for me sheer inability and lack of performance (but I think he meant it in a good way). A month later and things seem to be turning around. I managed a half decent session at CR last week, sending Harry's testpiece second go and then put some good effort in to Drag Queen on the weekend which is really hard for me given that I don't have the wingspan of an albatross.

I am starting to feel it all coming back, so now I need to start thinking about the rest of the season and a training plan to get me there. My recent focus has been just on getting some strength back and then some conditioning (e.g. using a Bosi ball for leg strength). I have also been working on getting stronger at the limits of my reach, which at this stage has involved using my systemboard rungs and keeping my hands at the very end of each rung (i.e. very wide apart). This was initially very hard, but now I have moved up to doing it with a weight belt which feels really hard, but extremely beneficial.

I also came across this from Gym Jones which got me thinking that I really need to set some goals so that my training is more focused:
  1. The mind is primary 
  2. Outcome-based training (train for an objective) 
  3. Functional training (high degree of transferability) 
  4. Movements not muscles (transferable training does not isolate muscles) 
  5. Power-to-weight ratio (you must carry the engine) 
  6. Train all energy systems (emphasize the important but not at the expense of others) 
  7. Training is preparation for the real thing (train FOR something) 
  8. The mind is primary II (confidence, chemicals, carriage) 
  9. Nutrition is the foundation (eat for an objective) 
  10. Recovery is more than 50% of the process
I find this quite inspirational. It is however maybe a little early for me to set goals, but I do have my aim on getting myself up 8A again soon.

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