Thursday, May 27, 2010

Edelrid Mantle Crash Pad

I just got my new Edelrid Mantle crash pad and can’t wait to get out and use it; especially given my current projects is a serious highball! The pad has some great features that are very useful hence me choosing it. The most impressive for me is that the 2 halves can be zipped together either on the length or width of the pad giving you more versatility than normal (especially useful if you need to pad out a traverse or long roof problems). In addition the Edelrid guys throw in a Sit Start launch pad which is something that sets this deal apart from other crash pads quite nicely (The Edelrid Dead Point and Crux crash pads also come with a Sit Start launch pad).The logo on the pad is made from a  carpet type material which is perfect for cleaning your shoes on before going for that hard send.

 Pic: The Edelrid Mantle Crash Pad

Some more technical info: It is 10 cm thick using 2 different foams to offer optimal cushioning and absorption. The outer material is strong ballistic nylon which provides a robust and water-repellent shell (useful for wet Rocklands and Topside days). As I said above the two halves can be zipped together either on the long side (120 x 115 cm), or on the end (230 x 60 cm). The Mantle has sturdy shoulder straps and indestructible aluminum buckles.

 Pic: Me putting the Edelrid Sit Start launch pad to use

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