Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The first hurdle

My 8A scorecard makes for depressing reading but is a very real reflection of how slack my climbing for 2010 has been. I have now managed 3 days of training in a row (a 2 month record) and positively am unscathed. After a schooling by Jimbo at $ity Rock, the ego took a bit of a hit but the ambassador did mange to console me over a couple of draughts and also introduced me to complex training which has left my upper body aching this morning. Basically you do a set of repeaters or encores (i.e. strength) and then follow that up with an explosive power excercise like campusing. Think I will work this in to my last minute training as I can feel that it has worked me and can only be beneficial.

Todays a rest day and then tomorrow I will be back on ith training.

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